Leticia Molinero, M.A. - Translator


Translations done for law firms, the legal department of major banks, securities firms,
public relations firms, insurance companies and translation companies:

Complete documentation for the registration of The First National Bank of Chicago in Mexico

Series of Manuals for Computerized Banking Systems

Swap Agreements

Commodities Sales Agreements

Online Trading Websites

Memoranda of Private Placement for the conversion of the
foreign debt and related documents for countries such as
Chile, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic, Mexico and Spain.

Presidential Report on New Investment Opportunities in Mexico

Proposals for financial/technical advisory services:

Telecommunications - Energy related industries

Trust Indentures


Certificates of Incorporation

Financial Statements and Notes

Annual Reports

Quarterly Reports

Financial Newsletters for foreign investors

Investment Trust Prospectuses and related documents

Documents for the Offering of Shares in the NYSE for major foreign companies

Revocable Trust Agreements for Investment Management

Client Satisfaction Surveys (Banking)

Foreign Investment Applications - Central Bank of Chile


Offshore Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions

Corporate, private and criminal court cases

Insurance Policies and Endorsements

Insurance Plans and related documents

Reinsurance Agreement (International - Oil Industry)

Insurance Claims

"DebtPRO", debt management software. Advertising copy

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