Complete documentation on new drugs for International Dossiers
This includes clinical, toxicity, mutagenicity studies, description and specification of drugs, manufacturing procedures, tests, etc.
Medical Ads and Medical Summaries for international medical magazines
(HospiMedica, MediLab)
These ads are of a highly technical nature, involving the latest instruments and computerized machines for medical use, as well as Laser, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound Diagnostic Techniques, CAT, Analyzers, and other techniques. Latest advances and developments in the medical field, covering all medical disciplines.
Medical Instruments
Pulse Oximeter Operating and Maintenance Manual
Operator’s Manual - Dialysis Control Unit
     This extensive assignment included technical descriptions and instructions
      involving both computerized equipment and medical/chemical terminology.
Pulse Support Ventilators - Series of clinical manuals
Catheters - Series of specialized catheters
Dental instruments
Patient Education Guides
Raritan Bay Medical Center
Mount Sinai Medical Center
Health Plans


Dental Reports


Clinical studies in Veterinary.
New veterinarian drugs.
Informed Consents for research studies on new drugs.
Package Inserts
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